Lead by Iamge of Linus Rogge Linus, Image of Jay Flores Jay, Image of Silas Werger Silas, Image of Benjamin Hutter Benjamin, and Image of Moritz Kindler Moritz, we are a team of open-minded creators aligned by matching passion and curiosity. Who are you?

We design digital products that improve everyday life. Our main focus lies on education, fashion and productivity, but we're open for everything.

People are at the center of everything we do. Honest and open communication, targeted feedback and curious research ensure that we learn constantly and develop products that the world really needs without getting bogged down.

Our core values are embedded into all workflows, our com­muni­ca­tion and every product we build.


We care, we support and we strive to understand each other. To connect digital products with humanity, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of emotions and empathy.

We are tall and short. Straight and queer. Different in all ways and unique as f*ck. Respect and inclusion is built-in, if you will. Our studio is a place for everyone — no matter what.


Form follows function, but form is not to be underrated. Our products are as minimal and simple as possible, yet they include all functionality and necessary features.


We create products that solve real problems while adding value to you, and reducing everything that is irrelevant in order for our solution and products to keep focus on your needs and overall efficiency.


We want to always be open to the ideas of our audience. While building trust by delivering beautifully designed and functional products, we are keen to learn about what's to improve.


We focus on doing things that will make everything else easier or even unnecessary. This approach helps us to make better decisions in the long run.